"Do What You Love, Love What You Do"

When we relocated to NYC, I took down my website & my photography was placed on the backburner. I was beginning a brand new job, entering into a bustling new lifestyle and, truthfully, I wasn’t confident in bringing my photography to life in The City. I was intimidated. Everyone in NYC claims to be a photographer, there is a lot of talent here & I figured it was easier to forget about photography, at least for the time being.

Fast forward eight months.

I MISS PHOTOGRAPHY. I miss it more than I thought I would; I miss meeting new clients, scouting shoot locations, reading & learning new things about lighting, the hours spent editing, the elation I felt every time I left a shoot. I just miss everything… and I know why: I walked away from something I’m truly passionate about to pursue other things.

If these past eight months have taught me anything, it’s that it is absolutely vital to utilize your passions, gifts & talents on a daily basis.  By walking away from photography, I essentially took a part of my heart and laid it to rest. Photography and videography are the very things that I get lost in; I could spend six hours doing either & not even realize more than 15 minutes have passed; I get excited daydreaming about shoot ideas and am inspired by reading hours upon hours of photography blogs/websites... in short: it’s what I’m passionate about.

A few weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to stop ignoring what I love, because, after all, if you’re not doing what you love, then you will certainly not love what you do.

I re-launched my photography site, designed & printed new business cards & began seeking God daily – circling Him with prayers, asking Him to show me if photography is something I should continue to invest my heart/time/money into. After weeks of the same morning prayers, God has already begun to reveal His purpose for me & new opportunities are appearing (including a wedding in TN this fall!).  I know without a shadow of a doubt that photography is something I need to intentionally pursue, to make time for – despite how busy life can be here in NYC. That has been made that clear. Now, it’s just a matter of following Him & asking what’s next in regards to growing this passion He has clearly instilled in me.  

And I cannot wait to see what is revealed!